Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Changing the landscape V

Time to continue the path of Changing the landscape. Vikings are known for their violence. But the vikings were excellent sailors, craftmen and woman and they often started trading posts in the country they attacked. The Viking age came to an end simply because the men and women more and more integrated in the countries they lived in. 

The textile painting of today is a helleristning, rock carving, of a symbol which I interpret as a compass.

Have a lovely day and may your compass sent you in the direction you need to go.


Zuzana said...

Beautiful tribute to Vikings.;) Yes indeed, they are often only known for their conquering skills and are in great error viewed as violent. Instead they were actually discoverers and tradesmen and had were actually very developed in all areas of life, least of all in their respect and treatment of women.;)
What a beuatiful embroidery and as always, I love your setting.;)
Thank you so much for your kind words on my post today, I feel a bit silly to be in spotlight like that.;))
Yes, have a likewise great day dear Elizabeth despite that terrible fall like weather.;)

ger said...

Looks like quite a fortitude enhancing little object...

kristina said...

a beautiful compass, and such lovely wooden floor/deck beneath it. I hope you had a good day!