Friday, October 8, 2010

Changing the landscape II

Today I have another textile painting for you in my serie Changing the landscape. The title Changing the landscape is referring to the change the Vikings brought to the West with their first attack on Lindisfarne. And although Vikings are very well-known because of their raids there is more than just their violence. I found a number of documentaries and this is one of them.

Have a fantastic weekend.


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Zuzana said...

Dear Elizabeth, what an interesting take on history. It looks to me almost as a mapping of a settlement.
I will go and follow your link later today as I am expecting a visitor within minutes.;)
Have a lovely Friday, despite it being a grey and foggy one today,

spudballoo said...

How delightful, and reminds me (in colour) of the one I have in my bedroom that you made me!

Have a super weekend. Grey and miserable here, alas xxx

Pursuing Art... said...
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Pursuing Art... said...

I'm sorry for the above, that was me! I didn't notice my typo before I published my comment.

I love this textile painting too, E! I think it is wonderful that you are creating art from historical rock art carvings!!

I am aware of the Vikings and the history of violence and raiding, but I thought it was because of the true need to survive?! I am also aware of Vinland and the controversy regarding Columbus and who really discovered North America.

We are going to watch the documentary later this evening, it looks interesting. I look forward to seeing this series evolve and to learn more! ~Lisa