Monday, September 20, 2010

Time to celebrate and to look forward

Today I want to thank all of you for your kind mails and best wishes. My two eye-operations are done and slowly my blurry world becomes clear again. To celebrate this I decided to organize a christmas-swap.

What do you need to do?
  • You write a comment below, so I know you are in.
  • You make two christmastree-ornaments
  • You can join until 1th of November
  • In the first week of November I will ask you for your address
  • Later that week I will give you two addresses of the receivers of your ornaments
  • Not later than the 1th of December the ornaments have to start travelling to their destination

The pictures of today are from ornaments I got when I participated in a swap some years back. And since a party without music isn't a party I found a fun performance by Karen's favorite artist!!!!

Hope you have a lovely start of your week.



Zuzana said...

So great to see a post from you my dear Elizabeth, I am so happy you are doing better.
The weather is so autumn like all of a sudden... But please, do not talk about x-mas just yet.;)) I ma barely getting used to the idea that autumn is here.;)
Have a lovely Monday,

karen said...

Ah Bruce! be still my beating heart!! Please don't include me in your swap but I had to comment to say welcome back and it's great that you sound so well.

karen said...
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spudballoo said...

oh I'm so PLEASED! Wonderful news....are you recovering well do you think?

I'd love to take part in the swap xx

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Yes, although X-mas still seems far away, I'd like to join in for the swap, Elizabeth!

julochka said...

google keeps eating my comments...grr...

but what i said was that i want to participate, tho' i can't promise to make a normal, usual christmas-y ornament. but it probably will be made of felt.


Pursuing Art... said...

I am so happy for you that your eye surgeries are behind you and that everything went so well! It must feel wonderful to be without your glasses and contacts!!

What a lovely idea to organize a christmas ornament swap! Please include me, I would love to participate. XOX

Oh, love dear Bruce and big old Clarence (he is so hot on the sax)!!! ;-) Getting us in the mood already, sweet girl?!! :) It really will be here before we know it! ;-)

sbcmom said...

I just found this swap and would love to join in. I LOVE ornaments!