Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A pink goodbye

This is the last regular post this week, yes I do know that it is only wednesday. But tomorrow is the big day. Most of you remember the event of last february and now it is time to be operated again on my right eye. They can't restore my eye-sight but they will try to optimize of what is left.

Now some less nerve wrecking news.

The result of another try in my process to learn to dye with avocado peels and two new crocheted stones with a small flower. So far so good.

On saturday there will be a surprise which was already planned some time ago and a chance for you to join a celebration.

Hope you have a lovely week with lots of sunshine, the most fantastic weekend and I will be back with some new stories somewhere next week.



Zuzana said...

Good luck my dear friend, I will be thinking about you all the day...
Glad your dying is improving, have a lovely day too.;))

Mary said...

I will be sending you strong and loving thoughts all day..


Pursuing Art... said...

Dearest Elizabeth...I have missed you and have thought of you *SO* often!!! I am settling back down to the computer again and I feel so fortunate that I read this post this morning!

I will send you email soon, but I want you to know that I send my love and best wishes to you for a successful surgery tomorrow and recovery. I know you are going to do well and I will be thinking of you all day and sending positive thoughts your way!

Sending you much love, my friend, and a big heartfelt hug from me.
~Lisa XOX

P.S. Love your avocado dying (amazing they dye pink) and the flower crocheted stones...they are beautiful!

ger said...

Best wishes to you... H.

spudballoo said...

Oh, sending you so much luck. how did it go? Are you recovering? Warm hugs xx