Monday, September 6, 2010


The embroidery piece of today I made a long time ago or so it feels. It was made in february of 2009, which isn't that long ago. Just the other day I found it again in one of my drawers and felt like I should finish this little project. Since we had the most gorgeous weather in the weekend I took a photograph of this textile painting outside on our terrace.

Hope you had a fantastic weekend and are happy to start a new week.



Zuzana said...

The weekend was fantastic, most likely the last summer greeting.;))
I am looking forward to see this project finished.;)
Have a lovely Monday dear Elizabeth, it is cloudy here, even though they promised sun.;)

karen said...

we have severe weather warnings here for rain and gale force winds, so don't know how my pictures will turn out tomorrow!! This piece reminds me of 1960's design, i like it a lot.

julochka said...

oh, i like that one a looks like meandering paths, which makes it rather map-like in an abstract way (and you know i love that).