Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The lucky one

Something really wonderful happend. When I was at the busstop to get to town for my second eye-operation the mailman stopped and said:'I have a package for you. Do you want it delivered or do you want to have it now?' He showed me a large brown envelope from Austria, my answer:'Now please.' Because mail from Austria means mail from Anneli and as you can see I got the most beautiful and inspirational book I could wish for and some lovely stitchmarkers.

On top of that the most beautiful card with a lighthouse and all of that just for me. I felt very lucky holding and looking at this wonderful gift. Thank you mailman but most of all thank you Anneli for your generosity. You couldn't have timed it better!!!!

Have a fantastic day and who knows your mailman may stop by.



Zuzana said...

Oh, you are so loved! And I am so not surprised, as you are the most kindnesst of people.;)
Enjoy your lovely gifts and have a lovely day dear friend,

Amelia said...

Oh how totally gorgeous - I feel inspired to make some art as part of my give-away . . . .

Thanks for your lovely words on my blog :)


karen said...

well you have certainly been very lucky with the things you get from your mail man. I get bills! You deserve everything, enjoy!!

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

I'm so happy you enjoyed it, dear Elizabeth - makes me happy too!

Pursuing Art... said...

What lovely gifts, E, lucky you! The cards in the previous post were lovely and what a special book too. The stitch markers are wonderful and I'm sure you will enjoy those. I adore the card Anneli made for's wonderful! XOX