Thursday, September 23, 2010



In our local library I found a more than 40 year old book about helleristninger. The book is called Helleristninger i Danmark written by P.V. Glob


Now this is a perfect piece of the puzzle for me and a number of new paintings will be inspired by these precious drawings of long ago.




Would this one done with french knots not be perfect?



Zuzana said...

I am so looking forward to see what you will create with your new found inspiration.;)
Have lovely a day dear Elizabeth,

Connie said...

I, too look forward to seeing your latest creations. Hope you are recovering nicely from your procedures.

Reading your blog inspires me and it makes me feel brave enough to start displaying some things I am working on...just a haphazard doodle for now but who knows what the future may bring!

julochka said...

oh wow! these are some i've never seen. and you KNOW how i feel about them. must look for that book.


Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Ah, beautiful graphic Viking graffiti! I can surely imagine them looking great for textiles too! What a wonderful source you've found in that book! Never seen these ones before!

Pursuing Art... said...

How cool! I love them all, but especially like the last two! Love your idea in doing the last one in french would be beautiful!!! Would be lovely in beads too...~smiling XOX