Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Viking market III

Together with vikings you think of boats and that is the theme of today.

A beautiful bridge along the water

A smaller boat in a drydock.

Craftmanship in details.

Have a lovely day.



Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Wonderful pictures, Elizabeth - makes me start dreaming - especially the old wooden bridge!

Marilyn said...

Lovely boats, but what I really like is the bridge. Oh, but I would love to have the water and bridge by my house.

spudballoo said...

Oh your photos are AMAZING! I think you have become a photographer Elizabeth xx The last two, especially, are wonderful. x

julochka said...

i think your eye is developing significantly (your photographic eye, that is...speaking of which, how IS your eye?). and i so love seeing this through your eyes, because i see both things that are familiar (since i was there the next day) and things which i didn't notice at all. it's fantastic! and makes it ALMOST ok that we didn't go there together. *sigh*