Thursday, August 26, 2010

Update on my crochet-experiment

Although nothing I am gonna tell you today is gonna shock the blogosphere, still I am very excited. Finally I found out how to correct these annoying little threads I get. (see picture above, look for the little arrow)

Here you can see the part I crocheted without a fault.  (did I write down with a big smile on my face)

Another detailpicture were I experimented with loops. For me this is really a lot of fun, I love to learn something new and even if it is just a teeny, tiny detail in crochet. Normally I would celebrate these victories privately but Amy of Bring yourself has started this project and since I love baby-steps it is time to join. Are you totally over the moon when you learned something new? Well maybe you would like to join us.

Have fun today.


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Pursuing Art... said...

Smiling...way to go Elizabeth! That is awesome that you learned how to fix it! You did it without a fault and it is beautiful and I love the loops you are experimenting with too. I am always over the moon when I learn something new...I love to learn! I remember when I learned how to fix my knitting when I dropped a was a small thing but what a difference. Don't have to tell Mark to *freeze...don't move* or start crying when I drop a stitch anymore! :)) Every little thing we learn, no matter how small, is important. XOX