Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Natural dyes

Some time ago I read a wonderful post at Gerdiary about coloring fabric with avocadopeels. The result was drop gorgeous and the explanation was easy enough or at least I thought so. Now I know almost nothing about this process but I read Cathy's posts about natural dyes last summer and wanted to try it.

So I bought mordant, soaked the fabric for 24 hours. Cooked the avocadopeels and the miracle work could happen. NOT. No matter how hard I tried over and over again. I got all kinds of colors and with some imagination and bad eyes you might discover a pinkish spot but that was it. Totally disappointed I gave up.

Than the other day I came across a post or a comment, can't remember, and that person wrote that you have to do it without mordant. So that is what I'm gonna try by the end of the week when all the avocado's are eaten again. In the meantime you can look at some fabric with an interesting colors.

Lets hope the next babystep is gonna work out.

Have a good time with your babysteps.

xoxo Elizabeth


Zuzana said...

Sorry that your experiment did not work and good luck with trying it again:;) This reminds me of my line of work actually.;)
Have a lovely day dear friend and thank you for your very kind words yesterday,

karen said...

good luck with the next babystep. The image here is gorgeous, did you dye those?

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Oh dear Elizabeth - next time it will work out, I'm sure! And do you know what: I think the greyish/brownish wool cloth will be perfect as a 'stone' background for your next rune embroidery ...!
So nothing is lost - just experience gained :-).