Wednesday, August 11, 2010



While I was in Norway an idea was jotted down in my pink book. It is a large project with some challenges. The first challenge was to find a large number of crochet-pieces in the thriftshop which was the easiest one. Since all pieces were in various colors some dying had to be done. I choose the color black but no such luck. I got all kinds of grey, not exactly what I had hoped for but still fits in the idea. Time to crochet with the color red and that is what I'm doing. Learning to crochet properly is the new challenge. Although I know some crochet techniques there are also a number of techniques I haven't mastered yet. 

Since I was coloring fabric anyway I thought let's also try shibori with a piece of flanel. To my surprise it worked out fine. Have no idea what I am gonna make with this piece of shibori flanel, so if you have a good idea please let me know.

Have a lovely day with your experiments.



Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Hi Elizabeth,

black is always a difficult colour to dye and it often turns out greyish ... so don't feel discouraged about it! (Which dye method/dye products did you use?)

Anyway, I think this blueish grey looks great, too - not as dramatic as real black, but softer and more natural!

I'm very curious to see what you're up to - I just love your experiments!

julochka said...

i cna't wait to see what happens with this and honestly, i think what happened, even tho' it wasn't what you expected, is beautiful...but isn't that how life often turns out?