Monday, August 9, 2010


August has started and slowly the countryside is becoming a busy place. Large tractors are cruising around, they are king of the road at the moment and will be for some time since our island is a rural area. The picture above I took while walking at the path along Gammeldam.

My own produce isn't really large since I am always on holiday when the garden is in need for some tlc.. Nevertheless I was able to make some lovely scent sticks of lavender again, just like last year. The tomatoes were yummy and from the blackberries I made a vinegar like I normally do. The flavour of summer captured in this vinegar is a delicious treat when the rainstorms are passing our island.

All kinds of little reminders are given by mother nature that the summer is slowing leaving us and it is time that we make our preparations so we are ready to greet the change of season.

What kind of rituals do you have to prepare yourself for the transition of a new season?



Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Dear Elizabeth - here in the South there will still be summer the whole of September and most of October as well - end of October the grapes will be harvested for the new wine, and then mornings begin to get chilly ...
So fortunately I don't have to bother about the change of season yet for a long time ...

julochka said...

me, i try to be really quiet and NOT THINK ABOUT IT OR MENTION IT!! oops, sorry, was i shouting? it's because I'M NOT READY FOR AUTUMN YET!! WE'VE BARELY HAD SUMMER!!! ack. was that out loud?

you must tell us how you make vinegar. i've got solbær as well. :-)