Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Embroidery class

This is a embroidery technique I saw in the Bork Havn Viking museum and it is used in the Bork tapetet. The Bork tapetet is inspired by the Bayeux tapestry and it took more than three years to make. First you put an outline stitch around the area you want to embroider.

Than you put in the long threads followed by the short ones.

Than you embroider them together with a small stitch on the the cloth.

In this picture this technique is used to make the dresses.

Enjoy yourself today.



karen said...

I love the new look blog!! WoW!!!!

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

This is an interesting stitch - doubles the fabric through the thick layer of threads ... thanks for showing!

julochka said...

i'm so glad you took such a close look at those, because i didn't, tho' i have a ton of pictures of them. :-) i guess i wasn't ready to look into the details when i saw them...i was still soaking in the whole.


Pursuing Art... said...

This stitch is so beautiful and full of texture. I love the woven texture in the dresses and the Bayeux tapestry is gorgeous. I love the stories stiched in cloth. XOX