Monday, August 30, 2010

Creativity in the kitchen

A friend of mine has a surplus of plums this year and as you can see I am the lucky one to receive some of these yummy goodies.

For most recipies the stones of the plums need to be taken out. This takes up some time but it is a good thing because sometimes the outside looks great but the inside isn't of the same quality.

Luckily a friend stopped by.

And this is the result, one jar of sweet/sour plums, three jars of plumchutney, three jars of spicy plum jam, one jar of plum preserves and one plumbread.

As you can guess, the plumbread is already eaten with some spicy jam and, although totally bias, it was delicious. Do you need more good news? She is bringing more plums next week, thank you Marjanne.

Hope you have a fantastic start of your week.



Zuzana said...

Oh Elizabeth, I wish I could be the friend that could stop by for a chat and a piece of that delicious goodness...
I hope you will have a nice Monday, it is back to work for me and of course, it is sunny while the weekend rained away...
I will mail you later, my old email has not been working very well recently.;)

Pursuing Art... said...

How sweet of Marjanne to share! Yum...everything you made looks beautiful and delicious! Good for you to make so many different things with them, E! I'm sure the family is enjoying your effort and hard work. XOX