Friday, July 16, 2010

A summernight

The pictures of today are from a sunset seen from our garden at 9.45 PM.

Slowly some evening clouds are coming by.

The wonder of summernights.

Time to say goodbye for now. It is summer and that means time for a break from the daily grind. Have a marvellous time with whatever your summer brings and I hope to see you again soon.



Mary said...

have a wonderful summer break


Anneli/Bockfilz said...

What a beautiful summer sunset!
I wish you a great, lazy summer break with lots of those sunsets, dear Elizabeth!

Zuzana said...

What a stunning sunset Elizabeth; you know how much I love them...
Have a lovely summer dear friend,

karen said...

I hope you have a great break but don't miss my give away!!!

Amelia said...

these pictures are stunning. Have a lovely summer time too, mine starts officially next week!! Can't wait.


SE'LAH... said...

we had the most beautiful moon all week...i was so in awe, i never snapped one photo. so thanks for doing it for me ;)

thanks for the birthday greetings...and so happy you've joined in the *gift of jewels* ;)

Pursuing Art... said...

I adore the wooden shoes and it is wonderful that they are still used...they are so cool!

Silly hat for a sweet silly boy...good for you to fulfill his wish. You are a good mom and so creative! I bet he treasures that hat!!!

Sunset photos are just gorgeous! XOX