Monday, June 7, 2010

What I missed out on last saturday

Last week was a week of preparation and anticipation. A saturday planned out in the country. The weather couldn't have been better, beautiful blue skies and the sun was shining. The perfect day to visit a friend.

But life knows how to throw an obstacle in when everything seems to be going well. So we didn't spent the day at their new farm, we didn't get to see Mathilde, we didn't hear about all their exciting plans for the farm and we didn't get a chance to talk and catch up.

Why? Because of this.

glutenfree bread

On friday night we went to a fleamarket and afterwards we drove the beach because of the fantastic weather. That wasn't planned nor prepared. So we quickly drove by a supermarket to get some sausages for our not planned bbq. We did check for gluten. But they forgot to write it down!!!! Which means Lars became very sick during the night and we were on nightwatch again with clean sheets, the works. Result, my stomach not feeling its usually self because of the gluten, lost already 2 kg, lack of sleep and not getting what I wished for.
In short I was totally bummed out.

The good thing is, we still plan to see their farm and catch up. We hope to see you soon Julie.

Have a lovely start of you week.



Zuzana said...

Sounds like a great Saturday despite all that went wrong.;))
I am so sorry that you suffered.:(
I sure though would do very well with loosing 2kg! I definitely need to do something about my growing weight.;)
I hope you will have a lovely Monday despite the rain,
and get better soon!

julochka said...

is THAT what did it? that's really scary!!! and the weather was so glorious. i'm really sorry it didn't work out too. we'll have to reschedule again soon. i hope lars is feeling better. i wish i could lose 2 kilos just like that tho'... :-)

just let me know when you want to come, you're welcome anytime and even at the spur of the moment. and there won't be a gluten in sight.


Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Oh dear, I do hope everything is OK with you again by now, Elizabeth!
I had no idea that a gluten intolerance has such immediate and severe consequenses ... And i did think one could rely on the table of contents! Scary!
Wish next weekend will be a better one for you!

Pursuing Art... said...

Oh, Elizabeth...I'm so sorry that things went so wrong with such a fun day planned and glorious weather...and I'm sad to hear of you and Lars being so sick...and they forgot to mark it?! I hope you are trying to gain back that weight loss. ;-)

Lovely picture of Julie at the breakfast table in your fun for you to be able to get together!! XOX