Thursday, June 17, 2010

Scott Marr

Some of you already know my soft spot for the artwork of Scott Marr. Mary of  Beauty amongst the weeds is writing about him for a year now on her blog called Scott Marr, the reality of life as an artist, which I follow ofcourse. He was on my list of wonderful people for instance. Scott and Mary gave me this beautiful detail photograph of an eye.

He created three video's about the way he works. If you want to see the man in action, this is the first one, the second one and the last one.
Why do I tell you this? Because Scott has created a new place, a site with just photographs of his work, kind of a library. You just have to see this. The name for all this eyecandy is Scott Marr.

Enjoy your day, enjoy your eyecandy.



Marjoleine said...

Wow, this is beautiful! Can't wait to see the rest. Thanx for the link..

Zuzana said...

Very interesting, I like the feel of a fantasy and reality that comes across from this image. It has almost a futuristic feel to it.
What a lovely gift and precious too.;)
Have a lovely day Elizabeth, they promised full sun while here the sky is covered by heavy clouds and it looks like rain. How weird is that?

Pursuing Art... said...

I remember the gift from Scott and Mary...*the eye*'s so lovely!

I enjoyed visiting visiting Mary's blog...omg, gorgeous photos, etc. I will have to back for a visit there!

Scott's pyrography videos are amazing and so that he is making his own stains! It would be fun to try that!!

Loved seeing his work in the new site...just fantastic...and those old albums....LOVED them!!!

Thank you for sharing Scott Marr with us again!!! XOX