Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Magnificent windows V

A window in memory of last year in the colours of Soul Food

A window of this moment, butterflies and music

What do you see through your window?

Have a lovely day.



Mary said...

This afternoon a greedy gang of sulphur crested cockatoos gathered on the back deck - looking for seeds on a very cold afternoon!

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

I see a very blue sky, a dazzling sun, wind in the trees and the promise of warm and sunny summer holidays very soon to come ...!
I love this idea with a window cut into the felted knitting, showing a new dimension beyond!

Pursuing Art... said...

Oh, I see blue sky with with a few light and fluffy clouds, sunshine bringing light to all the many shades of greens from the trees and burgundy colored tree...the birds having a drink in the fountain and having lunch in the bird feeder...I see life!

I love both of these windows! I like the painting you have done on both canvases...the shutter and window open on the knitted piece is fantastic and I love the music notes and butterflies in the second window! It's so YOU!!! I still think you need to do another quilt/embroidery just about your favorite songs and music!!!! That would tell a beautiful story in itself. I would even love to do that! ;-)

I hope you are having a great evening!!! Much love and big hugs to you. XO~Lisa

Zuzana said...

I loved your windows project.;) I see green trees out of my window. And a beautiful blue summer sky.;))
Have a lovely day dear friend,