Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Feel like sailing again

How about you?

Have a fantastic day.



Zuzana said...

Yes indeed, but more on wheels as it was almost impossible to drive in this torrential rain!:(
But sailing around the world has always been my dream. As much as I hate planes, I LOVE boats.;)
I hope you can stay dry today dear Elizabeth,
PS: Love the drawing, is that Sletterhage Fyr?;)

julochka said...

have you looked at the things kaye (karen) turner is doing with stitch? she's been showing her original drawings lately and then the stitched result. beautiful!

here's one drawing on flickr, but explore her photostream from here. you'll love it if you don't know it already.

julochka said...

here's an even better one:


p.s. i know i could have sent these to you via email, but this way, if others are interested, they can play too! :-)

Pursuing Art... said...

Sounds delightful...can I go with you?!! ~wink~