Friday, August 6, 2010

Eyecandy from Norway V

This was a special hike at the Preikestolen. 
You start at almost 300 metres above sealevel and climb to more than 600 metres above sealevel in about two hours.

Time to catch your breathe.

Time to catch the views.

Finally, the Preikestolen.
It is a long way down!!!!

And for the second time I was at the top.

Have a splendid weekend.



Zuzana said...

Wow, look at those views! That was stunning. Love the last picture of you.;)) It is good to be at the top.,))
Have a great Friday Elizabeth; here they promised rain and it is full sunshine. So far so good then.;))

julochka said...

whoa! look at you! what an awesome shot! totally worth overcoming your fear, if only just for a moment.


Pursuing Art... said...

Oh, wow, eyecandy is right!!!

Your photos from Norway are so gorgeous, Elizabeth! You have a very good *EYE* for photography...your photos are wonderful!!!

The scenery is so pretty there, the artwork in the church is amazing (what a treat to see...early 17th century, wow), the boats and windows, the lovely enbroidery at the market (so fun to see too), and the hike views are stunning...that is a long way down! Thank you for sharing these...I always enjoy seeing your part of the world. It is so fun to see! BUT, I have to say that I *LOVE* the *BEAUTIFUL* picture of *YOU* on top of the world!!! That is a BEAUTIFUL PICTURE...BEAUTIFUL YOU!!! XOX ~Lisa