Thursday, May 6, 2010

The white lady

Since yesterday I am going totally ..... The great thing about it is that it reminded me of a favorite place I loved to hang out in my hometown, the library. This library is more than happily situated in a building that is called the White Lady. Some of you maybe know that the company of electrical devices Philips started in Eindhoven, my hometown. Large industrial plants were built, two of them are still standing in the center of town, but were abandoned later on. One is called the White Lady and the other one the Brown Gentleman. Unfortunately the wikipediapages are in Dutch but I can give you some eyecandy of the White Lady.
 This picture is made by J. Lammers and gives you an idea of the scale of the building.
 The library, picture made by Vanesa

This is just a small impression, if you want to see more pictures visit Vanesa's place or google with the words witte dame. (Dutch for White Lady) 
In the White Lady is not only place a fantastic library but also the Mu Art Foundation, Philips Corporate Design, lots of shops and the Design Academy lead by Li Edelkoort.

Hope you enjoyed yourself and wish you a lovely day with your own memories.



Zuzana said...

This is very modern and clean. And the size is impressive!
One must be able to spend hours within its walls, particularly as you say it is also design academy.;)
Coincidentally, I posted about design today, but a bit more colourful one.;))
Have a splendid day Elizabeth; here it is still cold and is suppose to start raining and not stop for one week. Sigh...

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Oh, what a wonderful, huge library! I would spend lots and lots of time there if I could ...
And what a difference to the tiny library I'm leading here in this small Austrian village ...

Bee said...

The library is much more appealing on the inside than the outside. I love the name, though -- rather quaint for a modern monolith.

How are you today?

julochka said...

i believe it houses a design center from your shots of the inside (the outside is another story). :-) but li edelkoort! wow! i did at one point think she was south african, but now i know better. :-)