Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A trip in jeans country

For a long time already I wanted to work on jeans. So I saved up a large number of jeans, which isn't that hard with two boys!!!! But found also the courage to take them apart, I have this apprehension to cut into fabric.

A little bird


The keeper of ....

I enjoyed myself with my stitchbook and finding new stitches, with my french knots and the totally different feeling of cloth. First I thought it would be hard to work with jeans but this pair was so old that it softened up a great deal. All in all it was a lovely lesson.

Have a fantastic day.



Zuzana said...

I agree with you about that, i too don't like to cut into fabric for some reason. It is like one is not allowed any mistakes;))
I love what you did with the jeans here.;)
Have a lovely day too, even though it is suppose to be a torrential rain day.:(

julochka said...

i have that cloth-cutting fear as well, especially if it's really pretty, special cloth. and i've got some old jeans to play with too. and some to just mend. maybe i'll do with with some fun embroidery. you always inspire me.