Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Textile painting Two lines

Today I have a textile painting for you that I made for Lisa. Lisa is a sweet, talented lady who lives in Oregeon. Since Lisa's birthday is also under the Taurus sign I thought let's make a textile painting  to celebrate all the things we have in common.

The background is made of alpaca wool, which gave me a warm feeling while knitting because it is so soft, so reassuring. The feeling alpaca wool is giving me resembles the way I feel about Lisa. The symbol, which means connecting, you know already because it is from Soul Food. The green in the symbol stands for her love for gardening and the pink for the generous loving person she is. Lisa, I hope you had a fantastic birthdayparty with your family and a basket filled with presents.

Another textile painting filled with special thoughts is added to my collection of memories.

Have a beautiful day.



Zuzana said...

That is a very beautiful symbol and a lovely gift. It is so simple, yet it speaks volumes...
Happy Birthday to your friend,
and a lovely day to you, dear Elizabeth,

julochka said...

beautiful thoughts - i love how little pieces become a whole with you - and i'm starting to fear i've missed your birthday....oh oh.

Pursuing Art... said...

Thank you, Elizabeth, for the *sweetest gift*!!! You are a dear friend to me...who has a heart of gold! And, so talented YOU are. Your art, your stitching, the thoughts and meaning behind everything you create...sing straight from your heart and soul!

It is so special to read your thoughts and understand the meaning about this textile painting and the colors you chose for the connecting symbol...it touched my heart...XOXO

It is such a thoughtful, beautiful and most precious gift...a gift straight from your heart and one that I will always cherish!

Sending my love to you and the biggest and heartfelt hug from me...~Lisa

P.S. If you find this in your email first, know that I am working on an email to you!