Friday, May 21, 2010

A special lady

A while back I wrote a post called Wonderful people, maybe you remember that I mentioned Maud Lewis. On my birthday I got a book about her life called The illuminated life of Maud Lewis. She lived from 1903 til 1970 under very difficult circumstances. She had rheumatoid arthritis which crippled her talented hands.

Front page

She painted because she wanted. She was a folkart painter, using bright colours. She painted on everything and anything, she even painted her symbols on the door of the house.

Her work at the time was sold for a nickel and a dime. Now her pieces are in musea, galleries and the White House. I am impressed by her because she just did what she felt was right and took life as it was. Now I am gonna leave you with some pictures of her book.

Had to choose her tulips.

Have a fabulous start of your weekend.



Amelia said...

this is great and just what I needed to read/see. Thanks so much for sharing, I feel inspired (and grateful too :)


Zuzana said...

What a remarkable woman indeed. That is a very cosy style, particularly the choice of colours. Often I think that when we enjoy doing something, it will become good.;)
Have a great Friday Elizabeth, I have taken a day off to enjoy the gorgeous weather,

karen said...

thanks so much for the birthday wishes! I hope you have a magical weekend!

julochka said...

my dear E, how i have missed you. and here you are, sharing inspiration and delightful people, as always. "she just did what she felt was right and took life as it was." there's a lesson in that.

i hope you had a lovely weekend!

Art4Sol said...

I don't believe I ever heard of Maud...thanks for sharing info on this amazing folk artist.
You have a wonderful site...I will visit again.