Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The promise I made

At my birthday party a number of you asked for a picture tour through town. A lot of pictures are made and today I show you a path I love to walk.

 Here start the path, it is two minutes from our house.

This is the view when you look to the left.

These new houses lay on the other side of Gammeldam, the nearest lake.

Gammeldam seen from another point.

This is one of my favorites of the new houses.

Spring, which means yellow fields because of

this flower

The path continues.

I am standing on the hill now and look down on these houses.

This is my favorite house here. I took the picture from the hill because you can not get close to that house. They have a very large garden which takes away the view of the house if you look from the roadside.

This farm is place really closed to another lake called Oldenor.

This is the end of this walk. This walk took about 20 minutes and is lovely to do because of the variety of scenery.

Have a lovely start of your week.



Mary said...

Oh Elizabeth - I love to see where you live - that farm house in the last photo appeals to me for some reason!

Zuzana said...

Oh what a beautiful walk! Thank you for sharing it with us.;) Don't you just love the season of the blooming rape fields?
Have a lovely evening dearest Elizabeth,

karen said...

beautiful Scandinavia, I love it.