Thursday, May 27, 2010

The promise I made II

Today we are going on our bikes and look through town. 
The picture above is the view I have when we bike to school and look to the left.
Each day it is a joy for my eyes.

But we are not going to school today, no we are heading for the shops. 
The picture you see here is from a local bank, look at the windows.

This shop sells all kinds of items to make your home even more beautiful.

This was a shop too but is vacant at the moment.

Now we took a turn and went over to our local cinema with a really nice window display.

This is our very own water tower.

A detail picture. 
'I love the way they incorporated these big stones into the tower, too bad the door is so ugly.

Time to take a break. This bike ride continues tomorrow.
Have fun and enjoy your town.



Zuzana said...

So picturesque dear Elizabeth, what a lovely place you live in.;) Much better than living in a big city.
I hope you will have a lovely day, can you believe it that midt Jylland had frost last night?? What is up with the weather this year.

Mary said...

although even the door has its own beauty..

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Thank you, dear Elizabeth, for taking us by foot and by bike along your daily paths! Yes, you are right, windows are fascinating - and your window embroidery looks great!