Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Out of total excitment

Monday night Edit sent me a mail, the subjectbox said: Go, go, go. Sure as hell I was going over to the link she sent. For me the link was about magnificent windows, about a gorgeous variation of walls, about an old building coming to life again, about a beautiful made film, about a person with a unique voice, about music. Curious? Click here. But come back.

You saw the movie? Good. Now on tuesday morning I was going over to Susannah Conway's blog and read a wonderful interview with Christina Sbarro. The thing that blew me away was this:

Just about everything in this piece of art blew me away. The words written, the ancient map, the different kind of blue's, the whale. The meaning of the whale for me is a library of the knowledge of mother nature and her sound. And than ofcourse there is the window.

I feel totally knocked of my socks by all the excitment and emotions running throught me right now.

Join me and have a fabulous day.



Zuzana said...

Oh, I am so happy you are excited! I think I understand why, that image is somehow so very fitting you.;))
Have a lovely day dear friend and hold onto that feeling,

Mary said...

at the end of a boring day with a sick child this is just what I needed


Christina said...

Found you by way of Twitter--thank you SO MUCH for this complement! (Your appreciation put a huge smile on my face!) I juuust opened an Etsy store & this print is :)

julochka said...

it is an exciting picture, but i think reading of your excitement over it is even more exciting. :-)