Friday, May 7, 2010

Nordborg Castle

Nordborg castle,

which is situated at the Nordborg lake.

What I like about this castle is ....

all the different types of doors and ...

the combination of old, new and in between features.

If you look closer through the door on right side you can see the water of the lake. Unfortunately I couldn't make a picture without the reflection on the glass. If you ever get to Nordborg, look for that door and see the lake, it is a beautiful view.

Yesterday we visited my hometown, today the town I live now. The castle, which you just saw, is standing almost at the center of Nordborg. It was difficult to choose which building to pick and show to you because I know a number of really great places. So maybe I will post a theme week around this love of mine later on.

Our week is already coming the end, it took me by surprise but I loved every minute of it.Thank you for visiting Landanna, the lovely comments and mails I received. It feels good to travel together through uncharted country

Have a fantastic weekend and I'll see you soon.



Zuzana said...

I love Danish castles, as they are so well maintained and preserved.;) And often accessible by public. Lovely images.;)
Have a lovely Friday dear Elizabeth, despite the awful weather,

karen said...

such a beautiful building, I can only begin to imagine the history that has been made there. You have a lovely weekend too.

julochka said...

it's a little hard to believe that all that snow melted. :-) i'll definitely have to come back and see it for real. i love when they combine old and new - the danes do that so well.

Sheril Benedict said...

I love this one ....I hope they 'll sustain it and continue the good work so that future generation can see this architecture