Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Magnificent windows

Besides taking pictures around town I also started a new embroidery piece. At the moment I am totally fascinated by windows, I see windows as if I never saw them before but a rational explanation is no were insight. Maybe the explanation lays in the words of Elsita or in any reason you can come up with.

You still can see the drawing lines, don't worry about them. As soon  as I wash this piece these lines are gone. Embroidery and music are a match made in heaven for me, so I decided to find something beautiful for you. The first song that came to mind is an old one. In the Netherlands it was huge on the charts in 1963, the song is called Ritme of regen sung by Rob de Nijs. The lyrics tell the story of rain falling on a window. But it was a cover, the original is from The Cascades and the name of the song is Rhythym of the rain.

Enjoy your day with or without rain.


1 comment:

Zuzana said...

Ah yes, windows, I know the sentiment. They are like little views into peoples life and give houses a feeling of indentity. Like eyes looking out and allowing you to look into a home's soul...
Lovely embroidery and thank you for the music, I know the original well, but the Dutch version was a lot of fun to listen to.;)
Have a lovely day dear friend, I believe there is no rain in the forecast today;)