Monday, May 31, 2010

Magnificent windows update

Today I want to show you the progress I made on Magnificent windows. The ideas behind this piece are falling together in such a lovely way that I had to show you.

Since I wrote the post Out of total excitment I have been absorbed about windows. Poems about windows, music about windows, pictures of windows and drawing windows.

Here you can see one of the windows which has such a large windowsill you can sit in it. How I would love to have such a window.

This is a project with music so here is one of my favorite songs. The song is from Alvin Lee with Ten Years After and it is called Outside my window. Now I know some of you prefer female artists, so for you I picked Melissa Etheridge singing live Come to my window.

Have a great start of your week with lots of sunshine.



Mary said...

one of my favourite memories from taking the kids to greece four years is of an old house/hotel that had large very deep windows. They had fitted a small bed in the recess and covered it in beautiful white linen sheets. THere our Margot slept and I was jealous!

Zuzana said...

My favorite is "Steamy Windows" by Tina Turner.;))
I so get your fascination with windows. I can also get into being completely enveloped by something and can not let it go, it preoccupies my mind and soul.;)
Have a lovely Monday dear Elizabeth,

Art4Sol said...

Thank you for letting us look through your window!

Anonymous said...

WIndows are awesome - so are doors! I immediately thought of this post when I read yours!

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

I really do love your window project - and the first part of your embroidery looks wonderful!

julochka said...

oh, it's wonderful! (i'm going from the top down to catch up): :-) it will be so interesting to see where these windows take you...

Pursuing Art... said...

The progress on the embroidery...awesome and so is the drawing of the window. It would be lovely to have a deep sill to sit in, wouldn't it?! Looks like there is half of a peace symbol in that window?

Thank for sharing the songs them both! ;-)