Monday, May 17, 2010

Gammel by

One street in Gammel by

 Look at the amazing brickwork

 The windows and ...

 the light

 A ceiling decoration

 Another detail

Last weekend we were at the museum Gammel by, which means old city. This city is museum. All the houses were once standing somewhere in Denmark. Now they are standing in Gammel by so we can get a glimpse of days gone by. This is only a small collection of the pictures we took. We spent almost 6 hours walking around from house to house, farm to farm, looking inside the places, visiting the old shops. We were taken by the details from long ago. If you interested in historical houses and you have a chance to visit Gammel by in Århus please do. I promise, your time is well spent.
Have a lovely monday.


Zuzana said...

This is a wonderful and very interesting museum like spot and a pride of my city.
Lovey shots.
Hope you had a lovely weekend, the weather was awful though.

dutchbaby said...

A positively enchanting post. Beautiful intricate brickwork, whimsical ceiling decoration, and interesting door knobs. Thank you for posting this.

julochka said...

we went during the efterårsferie, but it's definitely on our list to go again! it's a wonderful place - you should also go to frilandsmuseum in copenhagen (lyngby), they have similarly gathered buildings from all over DK.

i love those hand doorknobs you spotted. i missed those. :-) just means i have to go back.

dandelion (Annette) said...

I´ve been there years ago - and I liked it so much. The houses had so much charme in the past time, not to compare to nowadays...
I must come back sometimes with my children !