Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A co-incidence

Today I want to share a sweet co-incidence with you. Already a couple of times I shared with you the work of Herbert Freeman. He is a folkartist who lives in Orlanda and sells his work on the street were he lives. Just the other day my youngest son came home with an old painting he made in december but got lost in the files at school. 

What is the co-incidence? They both used a similar technique. This convinced me that childrens art is just as valuable as the artpieces adults make.

Or maybe I am just a proud mummy!!!!

Have a fantastic day.



Elsita said...

Wow Elizabeth!
I really love this painting. The fish period that your son is going through is wonderful.
Elsita :)

Zuzana said...

Ah yes, your son is so very talented, but I told you already.;)) And you should definitely be very proud.;))

julochka said...

what an awesome painting! frame it! and give him some paper and paint - he needs to produce more!