Monday, May 3, 2010

Another milestone

Did you look at the photoserie of Robert Rausch which I recommended last friday. I hope you have because than you would have seen a fantastic house built by Butch Anthony himself. Edit summed it up quite nicely, `I would be happy to move in that house`. I agree. So if you haven`t seen the latest dreamhouse, click here.

Yesterday I left my island with a ferry, the sun was shining beautiful although the wind was blowing an icy wind.  But I have to be fair, at 8.00 am I was already standing on the ferry with the wind blowing through my hair which is way to early to expect any warmth of the sun at this time of year.

One last look at the island

Looking at the sea

Danish flag

Rope ladder

Lovely coloured piece of rope

Now what is the milestone? The milestone is that I concluded my course for assistant-trainer taekwondo. So from now on I am officially allowed to assist at the taekwondo training.

Here is the official proof.

Have a fabulous start of your week.


Zuzana said...

Congratulations on your grand achievement! I like the badge.;)
P is also concluding a class and is swamped with exams this week.;)
We had a gorgeous Sunday, sunny and reasonably warm.
The house you linked too is definitely magical.
I am wishing a sunny Monday, it is back to work for me and I am anything but thrilled. But at least I have a work to go and one that I like, so why complain, right.;)

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Congratulations, dear Elizabeth! Impressive badge!

karen said...

congratulations, well done you!! You must be so proud and excited!