Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wonderful people

A new start and I like to begin to introduce you to some really special artists.

The first person on my list of wonderful people is Maud Lewis. Maud lived from 1903 til 1970 in Nova Scotia under hard circumstances. The first link contains a lot of information about Maud and the second link gives you a peek of her work.

Painted by Maud

The second one is Herbert Freeman. Herbert, a homeless man living in Orlando, is a very special artist since he has to find his supplies on the street. If you click here you can see a short studentfilm about this man. When you want to see his paintings click here.

The third person is named Scott Marr. I am following his blog already for awhile and each time I am blown away by his art and the way he makes it. Click here and you can read his story and see his art. I have to tell you that I feel very blessed. Some time ago I asked Mary and Scott for a photograph of one of his paintings and to my surprise they said: "yes". My bare legged mailman came by during my Easter holiday and delivered this beauty signed by Scott and Mary.

How lucky can one get? VERY!!!!

The fourth person is a homeless man. His name is George but also known as Dr. Geebers or the pebbleman. Unfortunately I found very little information about the man but here is a newspaper interview with some links to photographs of his art. If you click here you find a youtube interview and you can see his art If you love stones you have to see this.

Have a fantastic day!!!!



Protege said...

Welcome back dear Elizabeth, I hope you had a great Easter.;)
Thank you for all your lovely comments.;)
What a intriguing post, full of interesting information. That photograph is very appealing.;) I will try to visit all the links later today.;)
Have a great Tuesday,

Mary said...

So so glad that it finally got to you!


julochka said...

love, love, love the pebble man! i want to go to those beaches! amazing stones!