Thursday, April 15, 2010

Shoebox update

Totally ready, finished, done is the outside of the shoebox. You already saw the knitted piece, now I folded it around the box and with my crochethook and the yarn I fasten it. Ofcourse I already had some practice because I used the same method as in the Think-project.

For me it was very exciting if it all would work out. Was the knitted piece too big or too small? Could I still close the shoebox when it was covered? All kind of questions and no answers until I did what I needed to do.

And here you see the end result. I have some last details to finish up inside the shoebox. So tomorrow I will show the inside and hopefully surprise you.

Have a fantastic day!!!!


1 comment:

Zuzana said...

I really love the sky colour. So tranquil...
It looks so beautiful and fits very well! I am excited to learn what is inside the box.;)
Have a lovely day, sunny again, except for all the ash we are suppose to be getting later from the Icelandic volcano! How weird is that.:)