Friday, April 9, 2010

The shoebox and learning from mistakes

What have I learned while working on my shoebox:
  • The yarn and its thickness and knittingstitches used have a big influence on the way it stretches . 
  • How to  fasten the knitted cloth on to the shoebox without glue.
  • That I need to think a little longer before I jump into the stitchingprocess.
  • That I love to solve the problems which turn up each time around.
  • And a problem you probably also know, a day is just too short when you want to do everything.
Another busy weekend is planned. Let's hope I can find some hours to work on my shoebox because I want to finish the shoebox next week.

I want to thank everybody who stopped by this week, it means a lot to me.

Have a great weekend filled with sunshine.



Protege said...

I loved reading all the things you learned!;) If you like solving problems, you would be a great scientist.;)
Have a lovely day and a perfect weekend, I think the weather should be sunny.;)

karen said...

Hi! I loved seeing one of the little men I sent you in the picture at the bottom of this post! You certainly made good use of them.

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

I'm very curious to see how your shoebox will turn out!
For a long time I've been thinking about using matchboxes for displaying a scenery ... but that would be almost too tiny for textile things ...