Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Today I have two pages out of my art-journal for you which I made while I was trying to figure out the behaviour of us humans. My very simple conclusion is that we all have different layers which all hold their own energy. These layers are creating a pattern which is unique for each individual.

Let's hope I remember this when I meet someone who is ......

Have a lovely day.


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Zuzana said...

When you meet someone who is ... Is that sentence unfinished?;) I am sometimes a bit slow.;) Particularly in the morning.;)
I agree with you on the layers, I always feel people are like onions. I will admit to be the first one to jump to conclusions, not getting to know someone before making a decision on how they are.;) This was a good reminder that I should take my time an get to know the whole *onion*.;))
Have a lovely day dear friend,