Monday, April 12, 2010

Finishing up

Last week I felt some discomfort with myself because I am working a lot but felt like my energy was just whirling around. Later on I realized that working on 8 different projects isn't a good idea. So this week will be a week of finishing up.

The first finished project is the textile painting in the picture. The inspiration for this painting came from a sketch of Vincent van Gogh. For information in this very special man you can click here. What this site doesn't tell is that he is born in a neighbouring village of my hometown and therefore is a bit more special to me.

The leafs are made of handdyed, handspun linen thread which gives the leafs a special texture.

The branch is made out of very fine cotton in different colours.

The background is knitted in 100% wool out of Peru.

Ofcourse this textile painting doesn't come even close to Vincent's beautiful drawing but helped me to create a new piece in which the different colours and texture of a tree have come to life.

Have a wonderful start of the week.


1 comment:

Zuzana said...

Beautiful cross stitch and I love the sketch that inspired it.
How extraordinary that Vincent lived so close to you.;) He was way too sensitive for this world.
Have a lovely day dear Elizabeth, full with sunshine,