Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The circular form of life

Today an embroidery drawing which explains life to me. Human beings like to create some sort of order that makes sense to them. The vintage napkin I embroidered on has squares weaved in but living means thinking outside the box. Life has a tendency to be circular but not a circle. Not only a main road but many side tracks. The main road gives a sense of stability while the side tracks are asking for exploration, adventure. Knowing what the main road exists of for you makes it more easy to take a country road and learn something new because it is easy to return. Not knowing the core of the main road subsequently means that it is more difficult to find you way back when you drift away from it.

A detail photo so you can see the weaved in squares more clearly.

Have a day filled with love.



Zuzana said...

What a great philosophy. Beautiful embroidery as well.;) I love the shape and the explanations.
Have a lovely sunny day my dear friend,

karen said...

love the contrast of your free flowing stitches next to the uniform weave of the cloth.