Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Breaking the pattern

Another project is finished. Do you remember this pile?

The idea for this project started at Blogcamp in January with the discussion that green was my colour. Still finding hard to believe but  Spud and I hooked up and we both made a grannyblanket.

The blanket is stitched together with the blanket stitch.

Breaking any pattern takes an effort to do so but a new door will be opened because of it.

Have a beautiful day filled with possibilities.



Zuzana said...

Gorgeous! It is indeed beautiful, I love the aquatic colour, it feels calming and soothing.;)
I hope you will have another lovely day filled with sunshine!;)
I wish I did not have to go to work today,

karen said...

I love these blankets, I have a small one that I wrap around my feet first thing in the morning whilst I am once again turning into a human! (I'm not very good in the morning before caffeine!)

spudballoo said...

Oh well done!! I'm nearly half way through crocheting all my 80 squares together. This part is tedious, i hate sewing in all the ends!!

Green! Yes, green for Elizabeth xx