Thursday, March 25, 2010

Update shoebox

This is gonna be the bed in the shoebox. Thanks to Karen I can give this shoebox-room a bed with lovely childlike bedding. The pipecleaners are there so I can attach the bed to the box, in case you are wondering.

This is the table with tablecloth and stool. I am not really satisfied with the height of the table so I have to see how I can change that.

This picture of the little stool gives you a sense on how small every piece of furniture is. What is left on my list is making some ornaments for on the table and the piece with the butterflies.

Have a lovely day and don't forget to smile. (A smile radiates the sunshine of the heart.)



Protege said...

I am always amazed by all the ideas you get. Your imagination is out of this world.:)
Have likewise a lovely smiling Thursday, my post today should help with that.;))

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Dear Elizabeth - you are so right in playing and enjoying and sharing - and you make me smile with you :-)!