Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The ship sailed in, finally....

This is the first textile painting I made after my eye-surgery. There was just one minor problem, I didn't like it.  The pattern in the knitted background wasn't at the right place, the background color didn't feel right and the knitted part felt too small.

This meant start over with the knitting.

I choose my favorite blue.

And this is the final result.

Now it looks ok to me. What is your opinion?

Have a nice day while sailing through the waters.



julochka said...

you made a good choice, changing to the blue. and the viking ship looks great! so glad you can still stitch w/you eye problem!


Pursuing Art... said...

The first painting looked fine, but I *LOVE* the blue...it's beautiful!! You have a nice day sailing through those lovely blue waters! XOX ~Lisa

Protege said...

I am not sure, I like the original one as well. It feels more mild and soft. I think the composition is very nice as well. The second one of course is more maritime and thus perhaps better suited for a ship in your mind.;))
Have a smooth sailing day as well - here is sunny!

spudballoo said...

Oh I much prefer it in blue, with the cable detail in the knitting. But I think, perhaps, the original was better than the photo looks. it's quite yellow in the photo, but I thin that's the light?

but generally I think you like the blue better?

I hope your eye is improving? xx

B said...

I like both, but I definitely love that blue colour! How is your eye? I hope you're better.

tangled stitch said...

I like them both, I think I like the first one better by just a hair they are both great.