Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Yesterday I had so much energy that I started with some serious cleaning. Since I used most of the day for that work I made just a little progress on my shoebox-project. Last night I crocheted two baskets and made a painting for in the shoebox. The inspiration for my baskets was given by this lady with her basket.

Since there is a lot more on my to-do-list than just making my ideas in beautiful yarn I decided to try to finish all the different pieces of furniture this week and assemble the shoebox when I get back after the easter-holidays. You know what, that sounds like a plan!!!!

Have a wonderful day filled with joyous energy.



Protege said...

I would seriously need some energy to do some of my cleaning. And the house certainly needs some major spring overhaul.;)
Have a lovely day dear Elizabeth,

julochka said...

only of course you MADE your beautiful baskets and i just had to buy mine...

progress is good. i got help at my local yarn shop today for closing off my scarf and now it's DONE! yay! how's that for progress?