Thursday, March 4, 2010

Our bare legged mailman

Yes, our mailman doesn't believe in long pants. All through the winter he delivers our mail bare legged and yesterday he brought this lucky girl a very large envelope. Julie of Moments of perfect clarity opened her generous heart once again and sent me these beauties to celebrate the year of the butterfly.

As it so happend, on tuesday fnight I decided to make Julie's bean soup. Some of the ingredients and the spices I got at blogcamp together with the sweetest little creuset.

Thank you Julie for your beautiful and yummy gifts.

Have a lovely day with a lot of sunshine.



julochka said...

i have to give post danmark a lot of credit, that got there in one day! and i even mailed it late afternoon. but they really should issue that guy some long pants. seriously, there's a LOT of snow where you live!

maybe i'll make some bean soup today too.

Protege said...

Oh so funny with your mailman! A real Viking!
What a great parcel from Julie as well!! She is a very good friend.;)
The soup looks delicious. Mmmm.

Here it is sunny, hopefully it will stay this way. I am ready for another BIG thaw as my terrace appears to be in permafrost. Not getting any sun this early in the year, it is is still completely covered by snow. I need to go out there and do some early spring gardening badly.

Have a lovely day dear Elizabeth.;)


SE'LAH... said...

julie most definitely give some of the most calming gifts. so cool.

your mailman is crazy! lol.


tangled stitch said...

Great gifts!