Monday, March 1, 2010

Living on dreams

Did you see the Beautiful Losers?

Margaret Kilgallen, the woman who died just after the birth of her baby-girl, did an exhibition with Rebecca Westcott, the wife of Jim Houser.  Maybe now you understand why this movie is so inspirational to me. If you haven't seen the movie yet, you know my advice.

Have a lovely start of your week.



julochka said...

i like that rainbow very much, but i fear there's not much chance of seeing one this week. we'll have to make our own.


Protege said...

Hello Elizabeth, stopping by just before heading out to work. I love that rainbow - it gives me hope. Particularly after a spring like weekend and waking up to snow again.;)
Have a lovey Monday dear friend,

Anonymous said...

I have to echo Julochka and Protege, the rainbow is lovely :0)

Pursuing Art... said...

LOL...not quite yet! ;-)

Oh, I understand why it is so inspirational to you. I will watch it soon!!

I love the wonderful rainbow and the stem with Jim's name...very cool! XOX