Tuesday, March 9, 2010

In loving memory of

Yesterday, after 33 years of loyal service, the zipper of pencase broke. My pencase that took me through years of dayschool, nightschool, who travelled with me across Europe and to the States said goodbye.

What made this pencase so special to me?

This pin!!!!

The day I got this pencase I also found this pin. I pinned it on the end of the zipper with the thought that in the end, hopefully someday soon, we will stop fighting.

Throughout the years the meaning of that thought only grew and just last week it became my inspiration for a new embroidery book. 

There is one man who knows exactly what I mean, so click here and listen to the words of Bruce Springsteen in War.

Have a day filled with peace.



julochka said...

aww, can't it be repaired? you're so handy with a needle and thread, you must be able to fix it? or use the fabric in another project. :-)

my sister found a little mermaid on a walk one day here in denmark. i don't think hers has a pin on it, but i do think she carries it with her. we ascribe meaning to so many things, don't we?

Protege said...

Ah, what a lovely sentiment.
You never disappoint with your poignance.
I know how it feels to have that certain possession, however small and ordinary it is, that has been our companion for so long.
Beautiful thoughts.
Perhaps you can fix it still.;)

B said...

Wow! You have share so much! so many memories... As Julie says, would you be able to fix it, or re-purpose it? You should keep it in one way or another!