Friday, March 26, 2010

A helpful co-incidence and a fun surprise

Yesterday I already told you that I wasn't happy with my table. So I went to our local thriftshop, my favorite place when I am in need for something special. I looked around but I couldn't find a table but I did find this one. A plastic little stool.

The trouble was I already made a stool. Grabbed it from the shelve anyway and walked around with the question how can I turn this into a table and fasten it. Than this caught my eye.

Had no idea what it was, it looked like a kind of knitted ribbon to me and I found it very attractive for some reason. Walked around a little longer but no table. Therefore I just paid for my two finds, got home and looked at my two finds a little closer.

The ribbon turned out not to be a ribbon but something else although I have no idea how it is called. I found a way to fasten the stool to the shoebox. Now my tableproblem was solved.

A small table at the right height because I just glue a piece of styrofoam on the stool. First I have to make the ornaments for the table and sew them on the tablecloth in a way that the tablecloth will be sewed on the table.

You see a piece of cake if you get a little help.

Now this morning I took my little guys to school. At school they have the tradition that all children come together on fridaymorning and sing. Normally they sing Danish psalms but just before a vacation starts they make it a little more festive. A schoolband without a name will play. Last time the schoolband played some Deep Purple songs by which I heard by accident because we were late. This time I thought let's stick around. They started with some Danish song which didn't ring a bell to me. The second song sounded really familiar, it is called The summer of 69. I hear some laughter but I can't help it. For some mysterious reason I can't escape this guy called Bryan Adams.  And since this is my last post before my blogvacation we will have some music if you click here.

This shoebox-journey will continue on monday the 6th of April. In the meantime I will drink tea with friends, visit family and have a small vacation with my three men. Probably I will also make a gift or two and listen to some music.

Have a fabulous Easter holiday, a lot of sunshine and even more chocolate eggs while I am gone.



Protege said...

Love your tables.;)
Have a wonderful Easter vacation, I will miss your posts with my morning coffee as I am working until Thursday next week.
Enjoy your time off and a Happy Easter!

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Which again shows what wonderful co-incidences happen when you walk through life with eyes (and ears!) wide open and a lot of imagination in your heart ...
Have a great Easter holiday, Elizabeth, and I'm looking forward to the next box stop in a week and a half!

Mary said...

have a wonderful Easter ....

and finally finally I posted your print!


karen said...

I hope you and your 3 guys also have a fantastic Easter. x

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Isn't it amazing where inspiration can spring from? Very creative use of your "finds."

Love that the children start the day singing ~ what could be better than that! Have a restful and enjoyable blogvacation and a very happy Easter celebration :)