Thursday, March 11, 2010


Today I have two pages from my art-journal. Last monday Julie sent me this link just to start off the week totally inspired. 

So much of energy is scattered around, not really making a connection. On one hand that is a waist of effort but on the other hand when a connection is made I am bubbling with joy and celebrate the fact of feeling my existence.

And ofcourse sometimes the connection is made through music. Do you want to know what makes me bubble with joy these days? Surprise 1 and surprise 2 but be careful you can get addicted!!!!

Have a fantastic day.



Protege said...

Dear Elizabeth, you really love Bryan don't you.;)))
I agree with you on the essence and enticement of music. I simply could not live without it.;)
I love you thoughts today and the pictures as well.;))
Have a lovely Thursday,

B said...

That's exactly how I feel... So much energy, so many projects, none of them connecting to each other or fully engaging me! How do I make that connection? I'll try listening to those tracks!

julochka said...

look at you, you've already used it! i'm glad someone's been productive this week. :-) me, i've been caught in the holding pattern, waiting and waiting and feeling immobilized.

send some of that energy my way, will you?