Monday, March 15, 2010

Chairs but than differently

Today I have something completely different for you. Last week I saw an small exhibition in our library and today I want to share my pictures.

This chair is standing right in front of you when you walk in to the library. It is called the decay of mother earth. Can the children save it?

This chair is called the Writing chair, poetry makes the soul smile.

This one is really funny. It is called the Chair for the smoker and if you look closer you'll see a gasmask hanging at the back. Made a detailpicture, so you can see the cartoon.

The little chair on top is a little chair used while milking cows. The question asked with this one is:'Who is milking who?'

All these chairs are made by Bente Johansen. A few years back I visited her little butik and so can you if you click here. She has her own weavingstudio, makes her own jewellery, paintings and dolls. Tomorrow I will give you some more pictures.

Have a great start of the week and try to see things differently.


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julochka said...

oh dear, bente may be a talented artist, but she needs a web designer. badly! :-) interesting work she's doing tho' - both weaving AND helleristninger! and the chairs are very whimsical.