Friday, March 5, 2010


The first butterflies have arrived in my art-journal.

This morning a new site for folk-art/outsider art was introduced to me. Although I haven't read everything I want to share this article with you. The article is about Grandma Moses, she is one of my heroes, if you read the article you'll know why.

Have a lovely, sunny weekend filled with inspiration to create your own art.



Protege said...

Today we published our posts almost simultaneously. I am a bit early as I have a day off and want to get some stuff done.;) Before the snow arrives, if any will, they keep changing it all the time.
Your butterflies are lovely.
I will try to read the article you link to when I get home today.
Have a lovely day and a great weekend Elizabeth.

julochka said...

good you're putting them to use already! now could you send them out for some spring flowers? i'd like to see the snowdrops, please. :-)

tangled stitch said...

I love the butterflies too! It's a little early so it was a nice surprise!

karen said...

thanks for this link Elizabeth. I have tagged it to read when things are quieter here. Sorry I haven't been around for a while. I hope you are well, Karen